Website Redesign: What steps should I follow?

Website Redesign: What steps should I follow?

By Lwegatech | August 23, 2023

A website redesign is a basic part of enhancing an existing website to give it a whole new improved look. An effective web redesign improves both a  website’s functionality, addresses the website’s content,  user experience, SEO practices and mobile optimization, alongside its web presence. 

Steps For A Website Redesign Plan 

Determine if it’s time to redesign your website 

Knowing how to redesign a website requires time, planning and strategy. Before you begin, ask the following questions: 

  • Is my website design outdated?
  • Have I noticed a decrease in sales or conversions? 
  • Have users complained about the navigation or design?
  • Did I recently rebrand my business?

Compare your current website with likely competitors 

Before you think of changing your existing website layout, analyze its performance and that of the competition. 

Review your existing site and go through its different pages. Evaluate what does and doesn’t work. Identify your most popular pages, an average user journey and your most successful call-to action buttons (CTAs). 

Take equal note of your current website strengths, because you don’t have to completely transform everything on your site during the process. You probably don’t have to touch your best performing assets at all.

Set your website redesign goals 

Write down what you would like to achieve in your website redesign. Do you want to increase sales? Encourage newsletter subscriptions? Raise awareness of new products or deals? For each of your goals, specify which metrics you’ll use to track them. 

These clearly defined goals will help you devise a website redesign plan. If you work with a team, assign individual roles to keep everyone on track. By integrating your team into the website redesign process, your new design will benefit from their expertise and experience. You’ll also motivate your team and foster belonging and involvement. 

Define your visual language, branding and messaging 

Deciding on your website’s look-and-feel is an important step before delving into the many required details. Make sure your visual language ties into your overall brand identity and matches your business’s tone, messaging and core values.

Create a sitemap 

A sitemap lists all your website pages as well as how they connect to each other. A clear and organized sitemap creates easy and intuitive website navigation, leading to a stellar user experience. As for the pages themselves, include the must-haves, such as a welcoming

homepage, an About page and a contact section, as well as a services or products page. Also consider which other pages can add value to your site, such as an online store, a blog, or designated landing pages to encourage conversion. 

Update your site’s content 

A big part of updating your website is freshening up the content. However, you don’t need to update all your content. Take note of your high-performing content and understand why it does well. 

Mobile first

Ensure that visitors experience your site as smoothly on-the-go with an equally intuitive mobile website. You can also take advantage of mobile website design features such as a branded welcome screen or animations. On top of improving your user experience, a mobile-friendly website also benefits SEO. In fact, Google uses mobile-first indexing. 

Review and share your website redesign 

Give your new design a thorough review, proofreading its written content, checking the navigation flow and ensuring that all links work properly. Double check even the smallest of details. Ask a few trusted friends or team members to inspect the site as well. 

Once your website redesign is ready, give it a marketing boost to support the launch. Sharing your fresh new design on social media and in a newsletter, announcement can drive traffic to your website.


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